Bodhicharya London Membership

Who we are

We are a Buddhist group which provides
teachings & practice in meditation & Buddhism.


Supporting Bodhicharya London

We rely completely on donations to fund our activities. Donations from retreats and events help us meet our expenses, but can be unpredictable.

More regular support would help us to plan ahead, book course guides and support wider activities. It would also enable us to make most of our activities available to those who are not able to pay the full donation requested.

We are offering annual membership for those who want to provide regular support, for an annual donation of £180. It will cover your attendance at all monthly retreats during the year. Eleven Day Retreats per year at the suggested donation of £20 is £220. So membership will save you £40 per year.

Members will also be invited to annual Members’ Meetings, which will give an opportunity for more direct involvement - as well as being a great social occasion! When the membership is big enough, we can register as a charity, and claim additional tax relief through Gift Aid.

To become a member just email us at to let us know you would like to be a member. Then set up a standing order through your bank to make an annual donation of £180, or a donation of £15 per month. The Bodicharya London bank details are here.

If you want to donate more, we are of course grateful for any extra support you can give us.