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Our Last Day Retreat

A few weeks ago, the popular teacher, Tenzin Peljor, gave his second talk on Mind Training: The Bodhisattva’s Ethics As a Mirror To Recognise One’s Own Mind. The day had much advice that we could directly apply in our practice, as did the previous Day Retreat. It was appreciated by everybody. We really value this continuing warm relationship with Tenzin.

Day Retreat, Saturday 17 June with Rinchen

“The View: What we see now and what we see when we clarify our minds - are they the same thing?”

Tenzin PeljorWe are delighted that the monk, Rinchen, from Bodhicharya Caribbean, has agreed to wrench himself away from his idyllic islands to spend some time here with us in rainy London.

It is a special privilege that he has been able to come to lead a Day retreat with us again. Thank you, Rinchen!

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our lives have become more circumscribed. But we do hope to return: to return to a wider world, a more perfect world. We suspect that it may be possible.

In a similar way, as we progress in life, we sometimes might have glimpses of a perfect world, a limitless world. But these memories disappear or linger faintly. They give us the hope that one day, we will be reunited with this ideal world that may be there. This truer and fuller life may be within reach.

We may look for ways to achieve this. A meditation practice may be a route. But, unless this world reveals itself again, we are blindly hoping. Our hearts tell us to proceed, and we want to force away ahead, but to what purpose?

Then times come and all seems fine, and we find ourselves in the world we recognise from many years before. And now we have a better understanding of what it is, how we got there, and how to return to it.

This day retreat will be about examining the right view, and how it can guide us on our journey.

There will be ample room for meditation and for discussion. Beginners are very welcome.

About London’s Day Retreats

We have been doing stimulating monthly Day Retreats at the Helios Centre for many years. Since the pandemic, we have been conducting them online, where there have been well attended.

We have a main topic for the day and often invite guest speakers, who give talks and have open discussion groups. We have a number of meditation sessions interspersed with the discussions and breaks for lunch, tea and biscuits. Some meditation sessions will be guided. Beginners are very welcome.


The day retreat will be very much like our day retreats at Helios, but we will use the “Zoom” platform.

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Meeting ID: 325 545 986
Password: 025316


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Donations for this day retreat are voluntary and can be paid into the Bodhicharya London bank account or via Paypal.

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