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We are a Buddhist group which provides
teachings & practice in meditation & Buddhism.

Our Last Day Retreat

Karma Norbu presented an enjoyable and practical day retreat at Helios Centre. He presented a thorough examination of the four applications of mindfulness as described in the Sattipatthana Sutra, comparing it with similar material presented in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions. Thanks for that, Norbu!

With our new technical equipment, the combination of a day retreat as Helios and Zoom worked very well indeed.

Day Retreat, Saturday 11 December with Michele Sisto

Michele almost incidentally met Dirk and attended his Thursday meditation group, at the time of Kairos in Soho, over 15 years ago and he has never stopped attending since then.

He studied Buddhism with different teachers, especially in the Tibetan tradition. His main guide is Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and he is an active member of Bodhicharya London.

“Dedication IS practice!”

Dedicating the practice to the benefit of all beings is an important element of Buddhism in all traditions. Inspired by Chapter 10 of Shantideva’s “The Way of the Bodhisattva” (the Dedication chapter) and by Ringu Tulku's commentary, we will be using the day to practice dedication.

This will be an excellent way to conclude a wonderful year of practice: wishing all beings happiness on their path to enlightenment. We will explore the different aspects of dedication, the different ways to practice it, its benefits and how it can enhance our understanding of the path.

The day will be practical with guided activities. It is not a prerequisite to be familiar with Shantideva’s work.

All are welcome! 

About London’s Day Retreats

We have been doing stimulating monthly Day Retreats at the Helios Centre for many years. Since the pandemic, we have been conducting them online, where there have been well attended.

We have a main topic for the day and often invite guest speakers, who give talks and have open discussion groups. We have a number of meditation sessions interspersed with the discussions and breaks for lunch, tea and biscuits. Some meditation sessions will be guided. Beginners are very welcome.


The day retreat will at Helios, and we will also use the “Zoom” platform.

Zoom Meeting:…
Meeting ID: 325 545 986
Password: 025316


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Donations for this day retreat are voluntary and can be paid into the Bodhicharya London bank account or via Paypal.

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