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We are a Buddhist group which provides
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Day Retreat

The good news is that the day retreats are continuing! We will be meeting in virtual space on 18 April from the safety of our own home.

We are currently living in very surreal times, and things will never be quite the same as they were before. Nothing is 100% bad. If a situation is only 1% good, then we will benefit from finding that 1% and see if we can improve it. In the last few weeks, I have seen much kindness and goodwill, which makes me hopeful.

Our previous Day Retreat

On 14 March, we had our last meeting at Helios for the time being. We will be meeting there again when the virus threat is over, and some kind of normality has resumed.

Steve gave us another thought-provoking and practical day, with much to consider and useful advice to take home and apply to our practice.l that Steve Todd has agreed to again lead a day retreat.

Day Retreat, 18 April with Dirk de Klerk 
“Giving without Giving. How does emptiness meet with compassion?”

How do ethics lead to inner transformation and transcendence?

Last year we spent much of the year looking at how wisdom can be gained from looking at our human condition clearly and unflinchingly. In our regular Thursday evening group (the meetings are now continuing remotely), we are continuing with this by studying Ringu Tulku's book, "Meeting Challenges: Unshaken by Life's Ups and Downs".

This day retreat, lead by Dirk de Klerk, we are going to look at points where ethics and the development of wisdom meet. There is much to discuss, and we will only be able to look at a few of these areas. We will look at the point of (reason for) ethics and the role of vows in our continued practice. We will look at Ringu's interpretation of the four noble truths from the perspectives of the three Yanas.

The day retreat will be very much like our day retreats at Helios, but we will use the "Zoom" platform. We will have a talk, discussions and meditation sessions. We will also have tea breaks and lunch break. Let's see how this turns out! We already doing something like this for the Thursday evening group. Please join us!

About London’s Day Retreats

Bodhicharya London is under the guidance of Ringu Tulku. We have been doing stimulating monthly day retreats at the Helios Centre for some time now. Until further notice, we will be doing them online. Please see below.

We do a number of meditation sessions (some will be guided)  interspersed with the discussions and breaks for lunch, and tea. By the end of the day, we will have done about three hours of meditation in total. Beginners are very welcome.


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Meeting ID: 576 338 2065
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10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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