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We are a Buddhist group which provides
teachings & practice in meditation & Buddhism.

Day Retreat

We now have our day retreats using the Zoom platform. It is working well, and it feels surprisingly similar to our day retreats at Helios. People can join in with the discussions almost as easily as when we are all together in the same room. With practice, it will get better and better. The advantage is that people can join our day retreats from all over the world, which is amazing.

In June and July, our dear friend, the popular teacher, Tenzin Peljor, has been our guest. He has become a true friend of Bodhicharya London and a very valued teacher.

Our previous Day Retreat

We really appreciated Tenzin’s Day Retreat in July, about the practical development and application of love and compassion. People found great benefit from the Day Retreat, and we are grateful that he can return to teach us again.

We are very grateful that we can once again welcome Cesare Saguato, the leader of our sister group, Bodhicharya Kent, to teach us in our August Day Retreat.

Day Retreat, 15 August with Cesare Saguato “Purification”


In this Day Retreat Cesare will guide us in exploring the meaning of purification in Buddhism and why on the relative level purification is needed even though ultimately there is primordial purity. He will then give an introduction and overview to some of the purification methods available to us within Buddhism from different points of view.

A little about Cesare here: Cesare.

About London’s Day Retreats

Bodhicharya London is under the guidance of Ringu Tulku. We have been doing stimulating monthly day retreats at the Helios Centre for some time now. Some meditation sessions will be guided.

We do a number of meditation sessions interspersed with the discussions and breaks for lunch, tea and biscuits. By the end of the day, we will have done about three hours of meditation in total. Beginners are very welcome.


The day retreat will be very much like our day retreats at Helios, but we will use the “Zoom” platform. We will have a talk, discussions and meditation sessions. We will also have tea breaks and lunch break. Let’s see how this turns out! We already doing something like this for the Thursday evening group. Please join us!

Zoom Meeting:…
Meeting ID: 325 545 986
Password: 025316


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Donations for this day retreat are voluntary and can be paid into the Bodhicharya London bank account.

Account Name: Bodhicharya London
Bank: Co-operative Bank
Account Number: 65185203
Bank Sort Code: 08-92-99

Please notate your donation with “Day Retreat”.

Future Meditation Retreat Days

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